How does it work

When I come out to you, we go over the horse's problems and medical history. Then I do an examination of the whole horse. I check that the horse is symmetrical. Feel through the whole horse's muscles-tendon-ligament-joints (cervical spine-neck-back-sacrum-hip-SI-joint). Depending on the problem, I may need to see the horse in motion. Then I choose the treatment that is right for your horse. Depending on the depth of the problem it may require several treatments. Return visits usually between 2-3 weeks.

My treatments include sports massage, stress point treatment, strain / counterstrain (osteopathic mobilization), craniosacral therapy, myofacial release, medical laser, special treatments (for neck, shoulder, back, hip, legs) acupressure, lymph massage and stretching. 

The treatment will initially take up to 1.5 hours. Follow-up treatments take about 1 hour. 

After i am done with the treatment, we go through how your horse felt and i give my recommendations / exercises to do at home. I can also build a training plan with riding exercises to meet your horse´s specific needs.