Craniosacral therapy

-is a very soft but powerful form of treatment that is developed from osteopathy. I work mainly with releasing tension in the fascia (connective tissue) that encloses everything in our body such as muscles, ligaments, organs, and bones.

The purpose is to help the body's own ability to heal itself without manipulation. With light contacts and techniques, different "problem areas" are treated

It is based on the craniosacral rhythm that can be felt throughout the body. When tension / blockages in the fascia, muscles, joints, and ligaments release, it causes the bones, organs, and joints to return to their original position and optimal movement. 

With the help of treatment, you want to achieve balance in body and soul. 

A craniosacral treatment is experienced as very relaxing and de-stressing. Often the client automatically ends up in alpha waves (8 - 13 HZ) during the treatment, a state of relaxed focus that one strives for in meditation. 

When tensions in the body that hinder health and well-being are released, circulation and flow can increase in the specific tissue being treated but also throughout the body. 

Craniosacral therapy is a very comfortable form of treatment that suits everyone.

What can be treated with craniosacral therapy, among other things 

  • Pain in jaw joint, neck, back, pelvis 
  • Crooked in neck, shoulders, pelvis
  • Movement disturbances: moves arrhythmically, walks on double tracks, works differently in left and right lead, jumps crookedly over obstacles, has difficulty standing upright on all four hooves, more difficult to canter in one direction, pulls unevenly in the carriage, etc
  • Mood swings: becomes more easily stressed and nervous, depressed and unwilling to work, irritaded when saddling / strapping / brushing / bridling / girth pain  
  • Muscles poorly or uneven, muscle cramps, tense muscles 
  • Poor circulation, swelling, bile due to poor lymphatic drainage 
  • Diffuse problem
  • Often suffers from infections 
  • Acute trauma: the horse falls over, gets up and turns around, rolls into the box, crosses the bar in transport 

If you choose craniosacral therapy (KS) for your horse, it is recommended that you avoid, among other things, deep wave therapy, shockwave treatment and chiropractic treatment at least 1 month after KS treatment. If you use KS for your horse for a long time, you should completely avoid these types of treatments as the horse's system is wide open and used to softer methods.


One of the pioneers of osteopathy was William Garner Sutherland (1873 -1954) who explored the craniosacral system (a physiological system) located between the skull (cranium) and the sacrum as well as the spinal cord along with the spinal fluid. 

This system moves in a special rhythm just like the cardiovascular system. Dr. Sutherland discovered that it was possible to influence the craniosacral system with different treatment techniques. The cranium and sacrum have been named to craniosacral therapy.