The lymphatic system is an important part of the body's circulation. It belongs to the body's immune system and acts as both a drain and a treatment plant. With the release of lymph stations, the lymph system is stimulated, which increases the transport of excess fluid and slag products from the tissue back to the bloodstream to be cleansed and transported out of the body via the urine.

The most important tasks of the lymphatic system are:

  • Fight infections
  • Clean out damaged dead cells, tumor cells, lactic acid, bacteria and other slag products 
  • Transport the lymph from the tissue fluid to the blood 

A poor lymphatic system can result in 

  • Increased volume (edema) in certain body parts  
  • Irritation of tissues and an inflammatory reaction may occur which in turn may cause pain (eg lymphangitis)
  • The immune system can weaken and you become more susceptible to diseases