How does it work

When I come out to you, we go over the horse's problems and history. Then I do an examination of the whole horse. I check that the horse is symmetrical. Feel through the whole horse's muscles-tendon-ligament-joints (cervical spine-neck-back-sacrum-hip-SI-joint). Depending on the problem, I may need to see the horse in motion. 

After the examination i will make a treatment plan that is designed specifically for your horse. Normally, a clear change appears after 3 - 4 treatments but it is very individual and depends on what the problem is and how long the horse has had the problem. Return visits usually between 2-3 weeks.

My appointment will initially take up to 1.5 hours. Follow-up appointments take about 1 hour. 

After the appointment, we go through how your horse felt and i give my recommendations / exercises to do at home. I can also build a training plan with riding exercises to meet your horse´s specific needs.