Booking is by phone, email or Facebook / Instagram. Enter name, email, phone and address. 

NOTE! The horse should not be treated:  

  • Fever or infection
  • Ongoing medication or pain relief
  • Lameness
  • Pregnant mare
  • Infectious skin diseases (eg ringworm) 

How long should it take before you can book an appointment

  • After vaccination           3 weeks
  • After deworming           1 week
  • Metacam (painkillers)   1 week
  • After cortison                 2 weeks
  • Chiropractor                   1 week

Please note that a treatment never replaces veterinary care - if you suspect that your horse has a lameness or injury, go to a veterinarian.

 Note! With laser treatment, the 96-hour waiting period applies before the competition

If you choose craniosacral therapy (KS)  for your horse, it is recommended that you avoid, among other things, deep wave therapy, shockwave treatment and chiropractic treatment at least 1 month after KS treatment. If you use KS for your horse for a long time, you should completely avoid these types of treatments as the horse's system is wide open and used to softer methods.

Before treatment

The horse should be clean and dry, and free from fur shine / fly spray. The horse should not be ridden / worked before the appointment. If the muscles are warm, I do not get the same feeling when the blood flow has started. 

After treatment

10 min walk by hand is a good end as slag products have the opportunity to be cleaned out

After the appointment, the horse should rest on the same day and

  • 2-3 days after the appointment

It was fine to walk with the horse during the rest days. Should the horse be shoed on the same day, the appointment must be scheduled after shoeing

Cancellation policy 

Cancellation is made by phone or email no later than 24 hours before the appointment In case of late or no cancellation, 100% of the price will be charged. When canceling with a veterinary certificate, no cancellation fee is charged. 

Payment terms

Payment is made on site via Swish or invoice. Invoice with 10 days payment period. Interest on arrears in accordance with the Swedish Interest Act


Subsequent visits typically take place within a span of 2-3 weeks. Normally, a clear change in the horse usually appears after 3 - 4 appointments, but it is very individual and depends on what the problem is and how long the horse has had the problem.

It is recommended to schedule appointments for preventive care from time to time, as it contributes to creating favorable conditions for the horse to perform at its best.